Jewelry That Stirs Your Spirit

Start the journey towards achieving a higher consciousness with New Age Charm’s collection of handmade jewelry.  Designed to empower your soul, lift your spirit, and awaken the divine presence within you.

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About Us

Why We Are Different

New Age Charm jewelry is made of the finest quality of materials sourced from all around the world.  Our genuine, all natural gemstones are faceted and bezel set in India, Italy, Chile, USA and beyond.  Our silver is 92.5% sterling silver or better. We use Hill Tribe Village silver in many of our pieces. Hill Tribe silver comes from Thailand and is 97%-99% pure silver.

Our jewelry inspires you to live your life from a higher consciousness by “wearing a higher consciousness.” We select meaningful symbols and pair them with the mystical and healing properties of all natural semi-precious gemstones sourced from all around the world. Our products are handcrafted by individuals who believe in the power of positive energy and know that there is a higher power in the universe guiding us through the physical world we live in. We have taken these beliefs and created a jewelry line from them. This why New Age Charm jewelry is so much more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry.

New Age Charm allows the wearer to be empowered by the symbol that is being showcased in the design. Our semi-precious stones enhance the beauty and the spirit of the piece with each stone bringing forth it’s own unique meaning.  Wearing inspirational jewelry can change the way you feel about yourself.  This is especially true if you know the powerful meaning the jewelry holds behind it. Whether you choose to wear our earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or in any combination, our jewelry is made to inspire, enlighten and awaken your spiritual potential.