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From Alyse Landers and Barbara Landers comes New Age Charm, a jewelry company created for the purpose of expanding one’s consciousness by demonstrating how the physical world is only a small part of our reality. Inspired by Alyse’s journey atop the Great Wall of China, New Age Charm represents the feelings of interconnectedness and spiritual freedom that comes from knowing that the key towards us reaching our potential comes from within. With a unique line of jewelry created with high quality materials from around the world, the care that goes into each and every product will be evident from the very first time you view it.



“In that moment, I closed my eyes and saw a new age being born,” Alyse states in reference to her experience on the Great Wall. “A vision of all of of us, of the collective. I knew where I had come from and where I must travel, to free myself from myself. I wanted to share this moment of ‘knowing.’ I wanted to be able to wear a symbol that would remind me and others there is more to this life than Heaven and Earth. That is how New Age Charm was born.”

Our jewelry is made to empower its wearers to embrace positive change through courage, love, beauty, perseverance, and the mystical spirit that embodies us all.  It’s meant to serve as a constant reminder that positivity will always drown out any negative energies that surround us. It ‘s about viewing life as a journey and living in the beauty of the present moment.

New Age Charm’s line of jewelry contains only real materials. Which includes beautiful combinations of semi-precious stones, sterling silver, Hill Tribe Silver (97-99% pure silver), and 24k/18k gold plate or vermeil. For the extra wow factor our jewelry comes to you inside one of our luxurious boxes.

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