Karma is within us all, it flows among us and it’s the reason why the seemingly inexplicable things happen.


Nothing is by pure accident in our world, even if sometimes it’s beyond our comprehension why. Why are some people poor and some people rich? Why are some people lucky and some people not?


Buddhism teaches us that karma is the result of our own actions, that we are the architects of our destiny by the things we do, or we neglect to do. So to the question Why me, the answer will probably lie within yourself. We can manage our own karma and bring positive karmic energies towards us.


Think of Karma as a seed that has the potential to grow into good actions or bad actions. Karma is, then, the principle that says that all of our intents and actions will shape our future. For example, a mind that harbors the seed of jealousy and that allows it to grow, will suffer from it repetitively. A mind that has the same seed but that keeps it at bay, will eventually overcome it and move on, free from jealousy.


A mind may also have the seed of virtue. And as such, thoughts and actions of virtue will come naturally. If on the contrary, a person doesn’t have the seed of virtue, she will experience more hardship in the search of prosperity and purity, of good karmic energies.


Our karma can change, there are many seeds within us, and through the elevation of our minds, we grow towards a better existance, like the lotus flower.


The lotus flower in Buddhism represents the purity of mind and soul. It has risen from the mud, from the impurities of this earthly world, where its roots lie. Then it grows through water, finally rising above it towards the sky, clean and beautiful.


Such is our journey in this world, in search for peace, purity, happiness and inner beauty. We may be born in the earth, we go through hardship, but our minds will grow and rise towards elevation of the spirit.


It is believed that Buddhist temples and monasteries are beautiful because they are a gift to the world. Their beauty and prosperity is a seed itself, they are meant to inspire and guide people who are in search of good karmic energies.