Purity Necklace


Choose your stone! Two Separate Necklace’s hang together for the perfect layering effect.  Wear together or wear alone.


  • Lotus – The Lotus Flower is born into dark murky conditions, literally underwater. Where hope for a beautiful life seems dubious. As the flower grows towards the sun it rises above adversity to be reborn into the sunshine.
  • Lotus Charm 24k over sterling silver, 18″ chain gold plate over sterling silver (15mm x 15mm)
  • Gemstone necklace – 16″ chain gold plate over sterling, genuine faceted gemstone (7mm x 12mm)


Choose from Green Agate (pictured), Purple Amethyst or Black Onyx:


  • Green Agate – is know for balancing, yin/yang energy, courage, protection & calming properties. 
  • Purple Amethyst – is know for peace, inner strength and spirituality.
  • Black Onyx – is known as the comforting stone, it banishes fears and worries.

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Green Agate, Purple Amethyst, Black Onyx


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