Turquoise Earrings



The Turquoise stone has been seen throughout many cultures as symbolic of the connection between heaven and earth. More than anything Turquoise is known for its protective qualities. This is why it is called the master healing stone – meant to protect the wearer from any sort of harm or danger.


  • 100% genuine Turquoise faceted gemstones
  • 18k Gold over Sterling Silver
  • Hangs approximately 1.35 inches from ear
  • Stone size is approximately .75 inches x .5 inches


Faceted  turquoise earrings , genuine gemstones, that dangle from a gold plated over sterling silver ear wire

These earrings can be worn with anything, they look great with a pair of jeans or dressed up in a cocktail dress,  elegant and artsy look at the same time.  Turquoise has been called the Stone of Protection ,also it is known to carry great wisdom to the one that wears it.